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  • WienerSchmitzle (Brian Schmitz)
    Oh Brooke Burns how I've missed you
  • azirulqfq6879 (Azirul Colaianni)
    @Burns_Brooke ?????????&Please FoLLoW @IleshKandolaquA @IbraheemMopelol @Cr4zyUncleJoe @KatanaSonoQPK they FoLLow Back.
  • FelipeGOM3Z (JonathanFelipeGomez)
    I used to watch Dog Eat Dog back in the day cuz Brooke Burns is American babe of all babes. Blonde Bombshell.
  • beatmyriceee (caroline beatrice)
    brooke burns is gorgeous
  • negsy81 (Kris negsy)
    @CarlyJDaniel @AimeeDewitt @GalloMass @Brooke_French84 @Lucy___Rowe I stood in the fire when I was drunk bad burns ! Fire tonight I say xx
  • Brooke_Miles17 (Brooke Miles)
    RT @Country_Voices: Tonight your memory burns like a fire. #RascalFlatts
  • Brooke_Logan3 (Brooke. )
    @beau_burns Ahh thankss!
  • beau_burns (Beau Burns)
    @Brooke_Logan3 your personality isn't**
  • falicitygoodwin (Faliciteaa)
    @brookelle_smith @_lauryn_l I'm pretty sure you're part of the illuminate Brooke only Satan burns white peoples skin red bc twins
  • excuseyou77 (Brandon B.)
    Brooke Burns is hosting the US version of The Chase? Well, everything else has seemed promising. I hope this decision will work too.
  • mykemakeupguy (myke spezzano)
    Working with the lovely Brooke Burns day for and fun new show...
  • Dennisuybm (Deonna Demello)
    @bad_joke_brooke would like to reduce 22 lbs within 25 days!? head to
  • brooke_evanz (Brooke Evans)
    My burns from the obstacle course at Safe and Sane hurt so bad
  • brooke_wiggins6 (brooke wiggins?)
    I just put bio freeze on and it burns like crazyyyy!! #ouchhh **
  • _HaNNah_BrOOke (Hannah Brabson)
    RT @Tweets2Motivate: "There is only one person who could ever make you happy, and that person is you." - David Burns #quotes

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Full Name:Brooke Burns

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