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  • McPuffin478 (Cam Brady)
    Meaning don't know where they goin and not even Charlie Sheen standards
  • BigSiSmith (Simon Smith)
    Charlie Sheen for next Chelsea assistant manager as they are going to be winning under Mourinho #tigerblood
  • GiaSerrano2 (Gia Serrano)
    @Pink @HuffingtonPost Charlie Sheen no surprise there
  • Debrahliani (Hair & Dyele)
    two and half men was the best charlie sheen oh how we miss u
  • _eilishmoore (E ??)
    Always happy that I got a follow back off @Fugative. He looks TOO perfect in his Charlie Sheen video!
  • b_amieclephan (BROGAN)
    Painfully watching two and a half men without Walden just because friends is on after it, Ashton Kutcher over Charlie Sheen ANY DAY
  • 20S0mething (Sara Ann Hope)
    Second hair compliment of the day :D in the words of Charlie Sheen, I'm definitely #Winning XD <3
  • DavidGrubbb (Meatball head)
    Old two and a half men are so much better than new ones because one reason charlie sheen
  • penny_metz (Penni Jenni ???)
    RT @JoshPorter_: Party like a "Rockstar" isn't acceptable anymore. You party like "Charlie Sheen" or you don't party at all!!
  • LiamCarter_ (Liam James Carter)
    RT @JoshPorter_: Party like a "Rockstar" isn't acceptable anymore. You party like "Charlie Sheen" or you don't party at all!!
  • mistersunnyside (Bill Young)
    Photos of Charlie Sheen's House - Celebrity Home News -
  • Mr_Swagger221 (trust none )
    Like Charlie sheen my team winning
  • FatherofTweet (???Fearless?????)
    RT @Heather2Go: The evolution of Lindsay Lohan: 1. Adorably freckled 2. Hollywood star 3. Sexually ambiguous 4. Incoherent drunk 5. Charl?
  • StonerChk_ (I Am )
    @chrisbrown if Charlie sheen can be forgiven u damn sure can fuck that. He's actually a real woman beater and drug addict.
  • Chantelle_megan (Chantelle Carr :))
    RT @gazzmondinio: Two and a half men with Charlie sheen

Charlie Sheen Profile

Full Name:Charlie Sheen
Birth Name:Carlos Irwin Estevez
Famous As: Actor
Date of Birth: September 03, 1965
Place of Birth: New York City, USA
Height: 5' 10
Nationality: American
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel
Relationships: Robin Wright Penn (actress), Ginger Lynn (actress, 1990-1992), Paula Profit, Brittany Ashland (actress), Kelly Preston (actress, briefly engaged), Brooke Wolofsky (real estate investor, June 2006)
Father: Martin Sheen
Mother: Janet Sheen
Brother(s): Emilio Estevez (actor, b. May 12, 1962), Ramon Estevez (actor, b. Aug 7, 1963)
Sister(s): Renee Estevez (actress, b. April 2, 1967)
Spouse: Donna Peele (model, Sept 03, 1995 - Nov 19, 1996), Denise Richards (actress, June 15, 2002 - 2005)
Daughter(s): Cassandra (b. 1985), Sam (b. March 9, 2004), Lola Rose (b. June 1, 2005)
Education: Attended Santa Monica High School (expelled)
Attended Chaminade-Julienne High School in Dayton, Ohio
Claim to Fame: As Pvt. Chris Taylor in Platoon (1986)

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