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  • RiccBonifacio (Riccardo Bonifacio)
    @jimmyd1979 I hope for your sake that's not on a breakfast show slot? ...could be worse, could be Sara Cox *shudder*
  • wrighty90 (Simon Wright)
    @scott_mills please apologise to Sara cox for me, I wasn't sending abusive tweets, just stating a fact, no offence intended.
  • sara_ashton_cox (Sara Ashton Cox)
    I just close my eyes and I'm at home with you again
  • Rppcunningham (Robert cunningham)
    @Fearnecotton aw Fearne, I was listening to Radio1 today, love Sara Cox, but I miss you! When are you back? :-)
  • MattRoofing (matt lockwood)
    @RebeccaEL88 Man Cant Mcfly were on Sara Cox today they nearly got bombed out for Queens of the Stoneage!
  • NewConnArtist (Dan)
    Apple are launching iTunes Radio. It's not for me. I have a Samsung, and can't stand Sara Cox.
  • MaxVarney (maxvarney)
    Wish sara cox would fuck off of radio 1, shes an old woman trying to be cool
  • AMYLEAFE (Amy Leafe)
    RT @collylufc: Radio 1 employ some right cunts, Nick Grimshaw followed by Sara Cox, what a load of annoying shite, @CHRISDJMOYLES was a cla?
  • sara_ashton_cox (Sara Ashton Cox)
    RT @TweetLikeAGirI: if you cant handle me at my worst then i completely understand bc i cant either
  • Rppcunningham (Robert cunningham)
    @ferncotton aw Fern, I was listening to Radio1 today, love Sara Cox, but I miss you! When are you back? :-)
  • TomEPrice (Tom Price)
    Whenever Sara Cox is on the radio now I turn straight onto Talk Sport, cannot stand the woman
  • cosmiccertainty (?isadora?)
    @DanWestwood3 hmm maybe, can't stand Sara cox though
  • cosmiccertainty (?isadora?)
    @DanWestwood3 Scott mills plays shit music though, and Sara cox is soooo annoying
  • RobertBasnett (Rob Basnett)
    RT @LouMorgan: Josh Homme's on Radio 1, talking to Sara Cox. I didn't think I could love him more than I already did. Wrong! He's AMAZING.
  • sara_ashton_cox (Sara Ashton Cox)
    RT @JordanWisby: This whole getting up early during the summer thing is no bueno.

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