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  • PatrickJuddd (Patrick Judd)
    Thanking everyone for their kind birthday but my iPod believes you respond with Thala everytime? #FUCKTHALIA
  • thalia_limbsz (Mrs.oxavia)
    Shine your way!
  • fabglance1 (That girl MEL!)
    I love being a godmother to this lil chica! My Thali-Mali-Bing-Bang (aka Thalia)! She's rocking her?
  • nathybgutierrez (Nathy Gutirrez;-))
    RT @ElianaERM: Listo****// I just bought: 'Chupi: The Binky That Returned Home (Spanish edition)' by @Thalia via @amazon
  • reeeeenatka (Reny)
    @Eveline_Polonia @thalia Really? Wow. It's a great too! I've never bought a foreign magazine with our diva.. great idea! :)
  • thalia_anas_ (Thalia Anastassya?)
    RT @Earth_Pics: This is a high-speed photograph of a water drop refraction by Markus Reugels. Big World in a little drop.
  • feurumileo (L. lawliet ?)
    RT "@Thall_Thalia: Nobody understand :)
  • thalia_limbsz (Mrs.oxavia)
    When I was your man....
  • __ThaliaLopez (Thalia)
    @MegZombieSlayer I might wait till the LAST day and be like "Dude my name is Thalia not Lupita". Me and Lupita look nothing a like anyways
  • thalia_limbsz (Mrs.oxavia)
    Kangen we chat...we chatan..
  • AyYo_Thalia (Action B)
    Congratz to the 2013 class graduating today!!:) Sheesh there is so much of you guys. Im gonna miss you guys. Yike on stage fuh meh aha jk
  • Eveline_Polonia (Eveline_Polonia)
    RT @reeeeenatka: Soooo happy!!!!!! I've got in my hands my CD/DVD #HabitameSiempre Edicion Especial @thalia!!! Jup
  • reeeeenatka (Reny)
    Soooo happy!!!!!! I've got in my hands my CD/DVD #HabitameSiempre Edicion Especial @thalia!!! Jup
  • miguelny97 (!NegrW Lnd.)
    Thalia saaaa
  • Thall_Thalia (Thalia)
    Nobody understand :)

Thalia Profile

Full Name:Thalia
Birth Name:Thalia Ariadna Sodi Miranda
Famous As: TV actress, singer
Date of Birth: August 26, 1972
Place of Birth: Mexico City, Mexico
Height: 5' 6
Nationality: Mexican
Father: Ernesto Sodi Pallares
Mother: Yolanda Miranda Mange
Sister(s): Laura, Federica, Gabriela, Ernestina
Spouse: Tommy Mottola (since December 2, 2000)
Claim to Fame: Latin pop singer of Tu y Yo

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